Mass Effect 3 Day 1

Warning: Spoiler Alert

After playing the disappointing ME 2 Arrival DLC and watching the game trailers, I have sort of expected what is going to happen at the start of the game, so no surprise here. The game is smooth, and I am running it on the same machine as the ME2, which is a dated AMD 965 (Quad Core) with another dated nVidia 260 graphics card.

Control wise, I felt at ease, it is basically the same as ME2, with slight improvement– now we can leap, roll from cover to cover, and climb ladders.

The game was very intense for the first few hours as it should be, we are talking about Reapers invasion, but I was secretly worrying that the script will be so tight that we might not have the option to explore the world. The fear was eliminated after the Mars mission and visit to Citadel, Shepard is now in Normandy and have the option of exploring the world while the Reapers rape the universe or go straight to save the world.

Normandy is very much the same with minor changes and addition of the docking bay. While I was exploring the Normandy, I couldn’t help but miss my old comrades, with flashbacks like– this is where Kasumi used to stay, that is where Garrus used to hang out… and oh, Liara has taken over Miranda’s office, which means Miranda might not be a returning character!

The Collector’s Edition art booklet did spoil some information for me, now I know Garrus and Jack are confirmed to be returning squad members. Grrr…. I have been avoiding all game sites and forums afraid to be spoiled, and yet…

Other improvement/ changes that I like so far:

  1. Weight limitation, yes, it is really stupid to carry many guns behind your back. Now we have to choose which to bring with us on the mission.
  2. No more minerals mining! Yay!!!
  3. Different type of improvements we can make to the guns besides the standard upgrading of Vindicator I to Vindicator II.
  4. Like the Normandy scanner which can detect distress/ abnormalities in a large radius. Save the trouble of visiting planet to planet.

Neutral/ Negative changes:

  1. A distress signal that I have found on a planet is just some random treasure instead of able to land on the planet for a side mission. I hope we will still have some hidden side missions…
  2. Soldier can use sub-machine gun. Why do I even need this when I can use the assault riffle? Maybe for a long mission where ammo is scarce? Well, some other players might like this.
  3. Now you can’t heal to full health during a fight unless you use a Medi gel, and your health level is limited for the entire mission. Which is ok I guess, just have to be a careful Rambo…

The game so far is relatively bug free except in one area in the Mars mission– Liara and Ashley got stuck, a re-load solved the problem. Overall I think Mass Effect team has probably learn from their colleagues from the Dragon Age team– keeping most things in tact, and change only those that the fans dislike.

I am liking the game so far, and can’t wait for my next gaming session.

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