Are Level 60 Epics really worth the deal? (War of Nations)

Gree roll out training (or raiding) missions every week to entice players to spend money on getting one of these uber commanders. I have heard players commenting that what is so great about these Level 30/60 commanders? They can be merged to a maximum level of 90 which is the same as level 50 epics.

Let’s explore a little deeper into this topic.

1. Ease of attainment

Level 60 Epics might look difficult to attain at the first glance. The training missions are impossible towards the end even with 20 to 30 factories pumping out units; whereas you can get Level 50 Epics from either Elite Recruit packs or one of the Special Recruit packs (Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze/Copper) by getting  top 5 spots in events.

If you are just comparing the cost and ease of getting just one of the commanders, then Level 50 epics is the way to go, but to many players, one is not enough, they want multiple of the same commander so that they can merge all of them into a super level 90 commander. In this case, the Level 60 Epics seems like an easier option because you will always end up getting the same commander after you completed the missions.

2. The Perfectly Merged Commander

A perfectly merged commander is created by merging 2 of the same commanders at the same maximum level. You might want to read more on the commanders merger guide here. Only level 50 and level 60 Epic commanders can reach the maximum level of 90 in the game.

In order to create a perfect level 90 commander, you need 8 of the same level 60 Epic commanders, whereas you need a total of 16 of the same level 50 commander to create a perfect level 90 commander. If you are buying the Elite recruit packs, what are the odds of getting a level 50 Epic commander from the pack? What are the odds of getting 16 of the same commanders?

In conclusion, if you are looking to create a perfect level 90 commander, Level 60 Epics is the way to go. Do take note that Gree dish out only 8 of such commanders every cycle, thus you cannot miss/fail any of the weekly missions, and be prepared to spend thousands.


Ultimate Start in War of Nations

I want to write this Ultimate Start guide in a new world before I lose touch with the game. The following is based entirely on hypothesis, has not been tested personally, and I am not responsible for your failure in the game. Since I called it an ultimate guide, lavish Gold spending is a must here.

If you are new to the game, it is better for you to first read the following entries to have a basic understanding on how to start a War of Nations game, and also how to start in a newly opened world.

Let’s begin, and I am assuming you have played the game for like a month or so and you are pretty familiar with the game and events cycle, so I will be skipping on all those boring stuff like what to build and so on.

1. Joining a New World

Since we are going to spend Gold and a lot of them here, you have a wider flexibility on the timing you join a new world, you do not have to join it as soon as it opens. It is still better to join the world as soon you can, but you do have the luxury of time and thus able to make use of it to your best advantage. Example, if the new world opens in the middle of an alliances war or just a couple of days before it, you will be hard pressed to join a good alliance, or you could end up wasting money/ gold for troops and yet couldn’t win the event if you unfortunately joined a paper tiger.

I would think the best timing is individual events where you will have a good shot of getting yourself into the top 5. If you are a perfectionist, you might skip joining a new world when the event is unfavorable and wait for the next one to open.

2. Buy all the Cores

Before you start spending Gold on resources, buy all the power cores, fusion cores, and plasma cores that are required for all your 9 outposts. The reason is the amount of resources that you will be getting for the same amount of gold is tied to how many bases you can build, it does not matter whether you actually have the bases, as long as you have the required cores, the game will treat it as you have already built the bases.

This will give you tremendous savings on Gold if you intend to buy a lot of resources. You might want to save some gold for power cores by hitting the level 2 renegade outposts, but how fast you will get them is depend entirely on luck– in some games, it took me forever, while on another, I got all the required power cores within a day or two. If you are not getting them soon enough, I suggest you buy them since they are not expensive.

With all the cores on hand, you can have 10 bases quickly in the later part of the game, all pumping out resources and units to overwhelm your enemies.

3. Buy Elite Recruit Packs

The next thing to spend your gold after the power cores is get some good commanders.

Commanders play a very vital part in all battles, and getting good commanders early in the game will make a huge difference– a level 30 commander in an early world will make your enemies cry foul.

You will get rare level 30 commanders from the Elite recruit packs, if you are lucky, you might get an Epic commander. You do not have to spend a good fortune on this, perhaps 2 or 3 packs will do, because you will gain better commanders from events, and better yet– lay your hands on the Level 60 commanders from their recruit missions.

The following is optional and only for those who wants the best and optimum play, and most importantly, has no money constraint:

For the ultimate start, I suggest buy 20 of these packs, in this case, even if you did not manage to get an Epic commander, you will have at least a few similar rare commanders. Buy some Experience packs, and level them up to maximum level, then merge them. For a merger guide, please read here. If you do spend really a lot of gold, try to win 8 Level 60 commanders and merge all of them at same maximum level, eventually you will have a Level 90 invincible commander. Each of such commander will set you back around USD300 to 500 depending on your production level and number of factories.

You will not need to buy the Experience packs after you have access to good units– hitting the high level Renegade Outposts is a faster and more cost effective method. However, right now, you have just started the game so you might not have the troops yet, thus, it will be faster for you to buy the experience packs.

4. Building the Bases and Training the troops

You build the base as per normal, stretch them to deep area before breaking your immunity. Since we have all the required cores, there will be temptation to build all the 10 bases quickly. My suggestion is to pace your building speed, you do not want to end up as a super high level in a low level neighborhood and you will have a hard time gaining Attack Points, unless you do not mind attacking low level players to gain attack points inefficiently.

The ideal level is within 5 levels of your neighbors’ average levels. Get ahead, but not too far ahead. Make use of time cards and resource packs to speed up your troops training.

5. Joining an alliance

Depending on your available time and personal ambition, you can either create your own alliance or join an existing alliance. This part will cover mainly on joining an alliance, and if you are interested to know more on leading an alliance, please read a general guide here.

Needless to say, work on your AP  and try to join a top alliance, you wouldn’t know how successful the alliance will be, so as per my advise in beginners’ tips, lay low for a period of time before participating actively in the alliance. A good guide will be look at the top players list and see which alliances they are in, and if an alliance has many top players on the top 10, it is a good one to join. At this stage of the game, the top players are usually the heavy gold spenders, and you can tell by the number of bases that they have and also their level.

You want to be in not only a top alliance, but also in one that has many heavy gold spenders. They play very important roles in team events especially the troops training events.

6. Final Words

After you have settled in a good alliance, the game play is entirely up to you– one thing to remember is focus on winning events. The rewards from the events cannot be bought directly by gold, such as permanent boosts, those kick ass commanders like Black Rain, Gunrock, and etc. (You can buy them indirectly by spending hugely on troops training event though 🙂

My personal suggestion is to move on to capture the Level 34/38 Renegade Outposts early, it will give you tremendous advantage in the game later. When you have a few of these outposts (preferably all 9), you will no longer need to spend gold in the game except maybe chasing after the Level 60 commanders.

Farewell War of Nations

I have played the game for slightly more than 3 months and have recently left the game entirely. I had fun and got to know some very good friends– we struggled together, joined new worlds together, and finally exit the game one after another.

Things that I have experienced — joined a top alliance and playing the game at top level, led an alliance, owned Level 34 Outposts, ranked within top 50 personally for a period of time when I was very active (consistently around top 250 since)… At the same time, experienced the frustration of struggle while in a lowly ranked alliance, bullied by experienced players when I was new, farmed by high level players, gone through the horror of entire alliance cluster destruction within a day.

I do have the honor to meet a few noble players in game– principled players who would not attack any members from his ex alliance, leader who honored his words and contained his members from attacking another alliance despite the fact that the other alliance was down to only a few active players.

Unfortunately, I was exhausted from constant war fare, tired of not having a middle ground in the game, and burned out by the long hours of playing it. I was especially sicken by the updates where the game became so imbalanced and favor the rich players.

My happiest days in War of Nations was when I was a lowly noob in a nooby alliance which was out of the radar of the top alliances. The stress came after I learned the ropes, rose in ranks, and joined a top alliance.

Well, time to go, and I am not sure whether I will continue to post tips on the game, because I will be losing touch with every new updates, and my tips might not be relevant anymore. If you do come across this post, take some time off to think about how it has affected your life, and what a futile effort it is to play against big spenders, perhaps it is time for you to leave as well.

Min-Maxing in War of Nations

Min-maxing is popular in many online game, that is, minimize certain stats (hence lowering the levels) and maximize the attacking stats (hence the damage). It is popular in MMORPG where a player purposely omit trainings in certain skills to minimize his/her level fooling other players into thinking that he/she is an easy target, and when being challenged, dealt extremely high damage output killing the poor bully in a duel or PK (player killing) session with the bully wondering what just happened.

Min-maxing is possible in War of Nations as well, especially during the early stage in a newly opened world, and is not as feasible during the later stage. Why do you want to min-max in War of Nations?

The reason is simple, firstly, it will not be efficient for players who are 5 levels above you to attack you, while on the other hand, you can probably decimate any players around your level or even a few levels higher than you. This means that you will be indomitable for a brief period of time provided that you keep clear of the super high levels (well, coiners).

Before I go further, we have to understand how your experience points is accumulated in War of Nations. Building upgrades and researches will push your level up, gaining Attack Points will gain you some experience as well, but limited to a certain extend. I am not sure how it works but I did gained a few levels after I stopped upgrading my buildings and focused on just attacking in one of my games.

So the trick for min maxing in War of Nations is simple. Keep your buildings to barely meet the research requirements and production output that you need. The first stage is to skip as many researches as possible and go straight to Hawk, remember you do need the factory levels though. Example, you just need tanks, helicopters, hailstorm, arachnid (just to use up the Uranium), and possibly rocket trucks, so you skip the rest and go straight for Hawks. Do remember to upgrade some factories to the appropriate levels to produce Hawks.

In one of my game, I was rolling with Hawks when I was about level 16/17, pretty amazing I would say, even killing players with more than 5 levels above me. After getting Hawks, skip the rest and go straight to Artillery. When you have the Artillery, and especially if you get them earlier than the rest of the players in the world, hopefully, you can get them before hitting level 25/26, this will give you tremendous advantage for a brief period of time, and it will probably propel you to the top 50 players in that world.

The effect is even better if you spend some gold to buy Elite Recruit packs– hitting players with rare or higher commanders. If you have more gold, you could probably get to Artillery even earlier because you do not rely on your own iron, oil, and fuel production to have enough resources for the Research Center upgrades and units production.

Enjoy this brief period of invincibility (almost), and get yourself into the top alliance in that world, and you will have a smooth sailing game play there.

Commanders (War of Nations)

Very often, especially in a newly opened world in War of Nations, you will hear complains in world chat about players who spent thousands in the game making the game unfair. Then you will hear counter argument that money doesn’t buy success, you will need skills, tactics, strategies, and blah blah blah… Wrong! Skills are secondary in this game. Those who said this has probably not been hit by a Level 90 Black Scorpion.

Personally I think the key to success in War of Nations is commander. You need very good commanders with as high level as possible, it will make things so much easier for you be it hitting other players or occupying a Level 34/38 Renegade outpost.

So how to you obtain a good commander? And a good commander is not enough, you gotta have a few similar commanders so that you can fuse them to maximize their levels. Spending money to buy elite recruit is not the solution, because you will get mostly rare commanders, and rare commanders can reach a maximum of level 60 only. You want the level 50 epic commanders who can potentially reach level 90.

1. The Level 60 Epic Commanders

Your surer bet to get the same epic commander is to spend a lot of gold and participate in the missions (usually training units), because the reward for completing all the missions is always the same Level 60 commanders until they change to a new one (previously Nikkolai and Black Scorpion, and now Crimson Reaper). On top of that, sometimes Gree will throw in a Platinum Recruit (which is really good) to entice you to spend more money.

The missions towards the end are getting so ridiculous that I am not sure whether you can even achieve that with ten L34/38 outposts with 50 factories producing units.

If you are aiming to get one of them, either you spend a lot of gold to buy resources and time cards, or spend slightly less if you are prepared, like time the event well and pre-train some of the units before the event started. Of course, the more factories and more big outposts you have will help save a lot of gold too.

You can stop spending when you have 4 of the same commanders (or 8 if you really want to maximize the potential), because unlike other Level 50 epic commanders, they can only be fused 3 times making their maximum level similar to other epics at level 90.

2. Join a good team

If you do not have that much money to spend in the game, then skill will come into play. Try whatever means you can to get Attack Points as high as possible and get into the top 5 teams in the world who constantly win team events. With the new permanent boosts, even if you are spending gold to get L60 commanders, it is still good to join the tops teams.

The top 5 spots of event will grant you a special Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze/Copper recruit, which will have a very high chance for an epic commander, and some of these commanders cannot be bought by gold in the elite recruit packs, example Black Rain, Gunrock, and others. The commanders you will get is random, and you will need to win many events in order to get 5 similar commanders. This will take a lot longer but will save you a lot of gold.

3. Fusing the commanders

Whether you have epics or not, the best method of fusing commanders is to maximize their levels and then join them together, the best result is 2 commanders are of same level. I do not check if there is any stats bonus when fusing similar level maxed out commanders, but the star boost bonus is huge. If you have fused 4 uncommon commanders (L20) together at maximum level, they can reach level 50, and with huge star boost bar which will make them even better than the vanilla epic at level 50.

Make use of these commanders to help you get into a top team.

For the common commanders, because you get so many of them, you can even create a L40 commander with ridiculous star boost meter but you will need 8 of them. The followings are not proven, and would appreciate if someone can enlighten me whether it is possible:

  1. Level 8 similar level 1/10 commanders to level 10/10.
  2. Fuse them in pairs, and you will get four level 10/20 commanders.
  3. Level the four remaining commanders to maximum again, that is, level 20/20.
  4. Fuse them in pairs again, you will now get two 20/30 commanders with 4000 star boost meter! Up to this stage, it is proven, and I have done the experiment myself.
  5. Maximize them to level 30/30 and fuse them for the last time, you might get a level 30/40 commander with a 8000 star boost meter!

For Epics fusing, because you do not get as many of them, you might not want to use the above method of fusing. Just remember to fuse them at maximum level. It could be 50+50, followed by 60+50, then 70+50, and finally 80+50. If you are a perfectionist, you will need a total of 16 similar L50 Epic commanders to get a perfect L90 commander, which is insane.

4. Star Boost

Star boost in short is like giving your commanders a few more levels. It is gained by either buying the star boost cards or by absorbing another commander.

Star Boost would seem useless in the beginning, because commander is what you lack when you begin the game. As you go along or as you buy more elite packs, you will find that common commanders are now useless, even after fusing them. So it is time to let them absorbed by higher level commanders. The key to absorption is to maximize “the victim” level, so that you get more boost per commander. There are many tips on leveling commanders out there, and it is very easy to level a commander from level 1/10 to level 10/10.

That is all from me about commanders, and pray that by the time you are hit by a level 90 commander, you have a similarly good one to defend.

So you want ot be a Leader (War of Nations) Part 2

I assume you have read my previous entry and you are qualified to be an alliance leader in War of Nations. I have not led an entire alliance in the game, but I have gone through enough alliances and leaders in different worlds that I can share my experiences on what to do and what not to do…

1. Stay Active

As mentioned in my previous post, being a leader is a time consuming job. You have to sneak in from work, abandon your child, so that you can play the game as much as possible– checking status and updates, giving directions, and so on. Participation in alliance chat conversations will also bring life to the entire alliance and forge a closer ties with the members.

If you are unable to log into the game often, it is good to appoint an active deputy who will assist with the work when you are not around, and that person is best to be from another time zone so that your alliance is looked after round the clock.

It is especially important to be around for important events such as alliance war event or an all out war with another team.

2. Helping Members

Unless you take over a matured alliance from someone else, you will bound to have many members who do not have much clue about the game. Give them advise often, help them to become strong, such as where to build their outposts, how to battle, and so on. They will in turn help your alliance to become stronger. I always believe that organic growth is better than recruiting external members, that is, your entire alliance move up the chart because of growth in strength of members instead of relying on recruiting members with high attack points, these members are more loyal and will stick with you through the thick and thin.

3. Negotiations

You will need to negotiate with other teams and forged some kind of relationship with them. Remember, you cannot fight many wars at the same time. Work with those around the strength of your alliance, instead of asking the top teams.

War only with one strong team at a time, you do not want to face battles from all corners. This is the key to survive. I have seen good teams struggling because they are warring with many strong teams while the opponent has some kind of alliance with the others.

Monitor your team’s battle reports, inform the members if they accidentally attacked an ally, and apologize to the other party. Yes, they will appreciate if you, as a leader, apologizes to them personally. On the other hand, if a member is attacked by an ally, talk to the other party, and at the same time calm your member to not retaliate. You need to have very good people skill.

Besides forming some kind of truce with other alliances, you might want to bring the relationship one step further by constantly chatting with their leaders, this will reduce the chance of back stabbing tremendously. You want not only a non-warring pact with them, but make it a defensive pact as well, such as helping each other defend, and this will greatly enhanced your alliance survivability.

4. Setup external communication

The communication system of War of Nations is dumb, real dumb. The message board is difficult to read if you have a long message. So it is best to set up an external forum for team communication. With an external message board, you can set different access level for different members, example, only officers are allowed in some chat rooms on highly confidential matter.

Besides having an external forum, it is also good to make use of instant messaging apps such as Groupme, Kakao, Whatsapp, and others so that communication is more efficient that those available in game. I really hate to send someone a PM in the game especially if that person has a funny name with numbers and caps.

5. Keep yourself updated

This is another reason why I mentioned the number 1 criteria for leading an alliance is time. You have to monitor the world chat constantly to see what is happening, who is teaming with who, who is warring with who, and who are the ones you want to avoid stepping on.

Maintain a positive image if you want to participate in world chat, so that your entire alliance do not end up as public enemy number 1 in the game. Be fair, if a team member is misbehaving in world chat, reprimand him privately but apologizes publicly in the world chat.

6. House Keeping

Clean up the message board constantly as you do not want it to be cluttered so that new members can look for information easily.

Monitor the members progress using a spreadsheet– help those that are lagging, and kick those that are inactive even if they have very high attack points. You might want to stagger the kicking so that your alliance ranking is not affected.

7. Constant recruitment

Players come and go, so besides kicking those that are inactive, you have to recruit new players to refresh the team. It is hard work especially if you are small and you can only attract newer players to join you. You may dedicate the recruitment task to some officers though.

8. The team comes first

If you start an alliance in a matured world, and you do not spend thousands, you might be fighting an uphill battle (think Mount Everest) because the world is probably dominated by a few top dogs and your alliance will be denied of the good resources and level 34 renegade outposts.

Besides the resources, winning the events is very important for the team because of the rewards. Gree has introduced even more unfair rewards such as permanent boosts, which will mean the strong will become even stronger. Also, the kick ass commanders can only be won from the events unless your team is going to spend a thousand each to try getting the L60 commanders.

Instead of leading your team to nowhere and fighting senseless wars with no light at the end of the tunnel, it is time to re-consider the future and how to proceed. Sometimes for the benefit of the team, it is better to merge with another alliances, example, if you see a top team just set up a new branch and recruiting, it might be a wise choice to negotiate with them for a merger. This may mean the surrendering of leadership by you, but if you do not do it, members will eventually be disheartened after months of fruitless battles and leave the alliance or the game entirely, so it is still a lose situation for you. Who knows after awhile you might be promoted to lead the new branch and become a leader again.

Well, that’s about all for now, and wish you luck on leading your alliance to the top.

So you want to be a Leader (War of Nations) Part 1

War of Nations amplified some of the worst of human behavior, power hungry is another. Many players love to be in the position of power so much that they would not relent even if it means joining another alliance is a better option to him/ her.

If you are keen to be an alliance leader in War of Nations world and be admired by others, read on, the first part of this guide is a check list to see if you are really suitable as a leader.

  • You have time and you are committed to the world. This is very important as leading an alliance is very different from just playing the game. You have to be online most of the time so that the alliance does not look dead to other members; you have to spend a lot of time negotiating with other alliance, leading wars, directing assistance, and etc.. If you are married with kids, or you are very active in multiple worlds, chances are you are not a suitable candidate — your alliance will not flourish unless you spend a lot of time and/or have very committed officers around to help out.
  • The second most important criteria is you must be experienced in the game. You have probably played the game for at least a month or two, know the game mechanics inside out, the game politics in general, and good with general game play strategies. It is a big bonus and advantage if you have been with a top 5 alliances in another world.
  • Real life leadership experience whether in your work, or you have successful led a team in another game will help a lot in your role as an alliance leader in War of Nations. You know the stress and problems associated with leadership role, and thus able to adapt to it better.
  • Ready to spend a lot of money in the tune of thousands. Unless you are taking over a matured alliance, this plays a very important part in a newly opened world. By spending a lot of real money to buy gold, you will be able to jump start and become one of the top players where every other players know, and it will also attract other gold spenders (coiners) to join you. This has a very good positive cycle — your alliance will be able to dominate events consistently making it even stronger, and attract even more coiners to your team. You see, players spend money to win and not to lose, thus they are the most disloyal bunch and would just hop to the strongest alliance.
  • If you have real life buddy or friends you made in game from another world to help you in the alliance, it is a great advantage as these players are generally loyal and committed to help the team, well, unless you took their girl friends in real life…

If you meet all the requirements above, let me know, I will join your alliance. I will talk more about running the alliance in my next blog entry.

Re-modelling (War of Nations)

Please note this is an intermediate tips. For more information on how to start a War of Nations game, please check out the posts here.

When you start the game as a new player, you probably just constructed the buildings in your home base or outposts without much thought. It might also due to shortage of resources that you construct Oil Dereks and Iron Mines on spots that do not have a resource on it.

It will eventually come to a time that you need to re-model your home base and outposts. For outposts, if it is in a low level area, it is better to just demolish all buildings and abandon it. Please read this on the rationale on moving your outposts.

As with abandoning outposts, do not fret over the need of resource, the building level, and it is such a waste to demolish it. Hard decisions have to be made in order for you to grow further. If you do not have a lot of refineries, you will not be able to support a large army; and if you do not have sufficient warehouse storage, you might not be able to save up for advanced upgrades and researches. Unfortunately, we do have a limit on how many bases we can build. It will take some time to reach your sixth outposts (Foxtrot), and beyond that, it is even harder when a new outpost will require plasma cores.

When you are already having outposts in deep area producing good resource rate, it is time to demolish the Oil Dereks and Iron Mines that are not sitting on resource patches in your home base. Your home base is the best place to house refineries and warehouses, because it will never be captured or destroyed. I have seen some players having 6 refineries in 1 outpost, and if that is captured, it will spell doom for them.

When most of your buildings are already in advanced level and you are down to the last few researches, you will notice that money starts to overflow, that is, you have difficulty in spending your money and it is often in the maximum level. Check whether you are producing too much money, and if so, you might want to demolish some trading centers and replace them with refineries or warehouses.

Check your needs from time to time, and do not be afraid to demolish and rebuild.

Take a Step Back

If you are a beginner in War of Nations, you have probably built your outposts near your home base. When you reached level 30s, you will find that it takes forever for you to gather resources and you might also be running very low on fuel, lack of warehouse space because you need hundred of thousands per resources for a single upgrade, and million for a research.

If you have gold, it is time to teleport your outposts to deeper area for better resources, or start demolishing buildings and abandon the outposts. The deeper the area, the better the resources. Click on the oil and iron patches, you will see a level number, the higher the number, the better. An iron patch in 850 renegade area is worth more than 2 iron patches in the starting area.

Once you start building outposts in 450 or 850 area, it is also time to re-model your home base. Demolish any iron mines and oil dereks that is not sitting on a resource patch (you are given 2 each in your base), and rebuild some other buildings such as refineries and warehouses there. This way, you will gain additional storage space and fuel without sacrificing on the resource production.

I have seen too many players unwilling to take this step of abandoning their outposts because all the buildings are very high level. If you want to reach for greater heights, sometimes you will need to take a step back. Don’t worry about those buildings, you will gain a lot more in a very short time and because of the re-modeling, you can probably support a bigger troops as well making you an even stronger player.

War of Nations Tips Part 3 – Survival

This is probably be the last topic that I am going to cover for War of Nations (WON) beginner’s guide. I might continue to pen thoughts on some intermediate tips, such as balancing fuel, so stay tuned.

Your 5 days of immunity honeymoon is over, and welcome to the ruthless, merciless, lawless, a world without honor of War of Nations. Don’t even think of spending Gold for extended immunity, because there is a minimum cool off period before you can go into another immunity. I am not sure of the exact hours required, but definitely more than 72 hours. You have no other choice but to step out boldly and embrace the world. If you have been following the tips on setting up your bases, upgrading that diligently, and you spent some Gold, you should pass level 20 by the end of your immunity, I was level 17 without even trying too hard.

The followings are an assortment of advises from my reading, observations, and also some lessons learned in the game, and could help to prolong your life in the WON world:

1. Keep Low Profile and Stay away from World Chat

  • Try not to participate in the World Chat unless you want to ask some questions. Remember my advise on keeping a low profile? If you really want to participate, DO NOT side any person/ faction in the conversation unless it involves your own alliance or real life friends. You might not know the whole picture and furthermore, what you might get yourself into. I have seen too many players being destroyed for stepping on the wrong toes. Justice can be served later when you are strong but when you are still weak, stay low.
  • It is a taboo to post others’ coordinates in World Chat, the common result is your bases will be searched and destroyed instead. Posting them in alliance chat is ok.
  • Do not tell others you are going to sleep, or off to other locations in World Chat unless you want to set a trap for some vultures. Your neighbors reading the World Chat might just decide to attack you when you are away. In sum, my advise is not to participate in World Chat at all.

2. Attacking

  • Always check before you attack. Even if the player is lower level than you does not mean he/she is weaker, check his alliance and if he/she is in a strong alliance, you better hands off and look for other targets. You do not want to attack someone in a strong alliance unless it is an all out war. Do not think that your alliance will support you all the way, if it is an unprovoked attack on a strong alliance, there is a very high chance that the members will just sit and watch, or even kick you out of the alliance.
  • The safest way to level up your attack points in the beginning is to be a scavenger, that is, look for players that have quit the game. I always look around my neighborhood, and will bookmark a few players that seems to be inactive– they always stay the same level, and damaged buildings not repaired. Sometimes you will find gem in which they have stationed huge troops in the outpost command center.
  • If you attack a player 5 levels below your level, you will not get full Attack Points, only a fraction of it, and units lost will have a lower re-build percentage. Therefore it might not be an efficient and profitable option for you. So, try to look for inactive players around the same level as you.

3. Making use of Immunity

  • You get free 12 to 24 hours immunity if your outpost is lost, there were few conflicting notes on how many outposts you have to lose before the immunity kicks in. Make very good use of this 12 hours to re-build.
  • As mentioned in the beginning, you cannot have consecutive immunity, that is, one after another. Therefore as a player with real life who needs to travel for holiday or work, involved in projects, need some time off with family, and so on, you gotta time your immunity bought with Gold well, and after you have activated one, you will need some cool off period before you can activate another immunity.
  • Never use an immunity immediately after attacking a player, this is not an honorable way to play, furthermore, you will aggravate the person being attacked further from just a little pissed off to rage level if he/she sees you doing this. Do you think they will forget about the attack after 72 hours?

4. Events

Keep a look out of the events organized by Gree, you can predict the players’ behavior from these events/missions. Some examples are as follows:

  • Raiding the NPCs. Many units will be wasted attacking NPCs, so you can expect a brief period of relaxation with less attacks, and perhaps not use your hard earned money for immunity.
  • If it is an event of accumulating highest possible Attack Points (Alliance War or Players War), and you will be away during the next few days, you should quickly bring up the bubbles before the event unfold. You can expect a high level of activities to your bases. On the other hand, you can be ensured that there will be less attacks just before the event starts.
  • Training missions may seem harmless, but has a bad after effects, players trying to achieve the goals will have a huge pile up of units putting more pressure on their fuel, thus there will be more attacks, but perhaps not very extensive.

5. Using Gold

Personally, I think it is fair to use Gold if you start late, high level bullies have started long before you, and you need Gold to level the playing field. Unless you are millionaire and do not mind just dumping money into the game, we have to spend your (or your parents’) hard earned money wisely.

  • Spend them early in the game. Hundred thousand of iron/money/oil could mean a lot in the beginning because upgrades are cheaper, and 3 hour time boost card could also mean a lot. Towards the later stage, spending Gold become less meaningful, as upgrades take days, and cost at least a few huge resource packs.
  • Do not spend Gold on Uranium and Titanium, you have little use of them early in the game. You only need them when you start building Titans.
  • Buy the resources packs when there is discount running. If you do not need the resources now, DO NOT open them. Opening them will subject them to raids by other players.
  • The best investment is commanders, grab some Elite Recruit packs, these commanders will help a lot! If you are lucky, you might even get an Epic commanders from the Elite Recruit packs. From time to time there might be discounts on these packs or promotions like higher chance of Epic commanders, grab them if you can.

6. Practice Zen (Restraint)

If you read some of my posts, I have been attacked by different high levels from major clans almost every day. Do I get angry? Yes of course, but do I retaliate? Nope. I don’t even tell my alliance who attacked me.

By retaliating, you might make matter worse because sometimes out of rage, you might return the favor in bigger magnitude, such as destroy one of his/her outposts. Do you think the other person will swallow this? He will definitely come back with bigger force, or even bring his allies to your home.

In my case, non of the attackers returned to attack me because I practice restraint. They might be planning another assault, but at least I am left alone for awhile. Remember, this is a war game, not many players will consider the feelings of other players, they are like NPCs to the attackers. The way the game is designed, having more Attack Points (AP) is everything, thus they “have” to attack in order to survive, some clans have strict rules on raising AP, failing to meet the forever raising AP requirement, the player might get kicked. If they do not send armies continuously to your base, it could mean that they are just for some APs.

(The other reason for them not returning to me is all their units were tanked by attacking my Alpha, making it a loss situation for them, little AP gained, and huge loss of advanced units, thus they probably took my name off as a potential AP farm.)

If however, you cannot swallow the attacks, and want retaliation, attack only the attacker and not other members of his alliance, else, it can potentially be blown up into a full fledged alliance war, putting all of your alliance members in great danger.

Move your troops out of the outpost if you are facing a lot of attacks, usually players are just for Attack Points and they hardly want to destroy your outposts. If everything else fails, move your outpost to a safe zone if you have the Gold, or abandon it and rebuild it somewhere else.

That’s all for now, I will update if I can think of more beginner’s tips, and hope these tips can help you survive the brutal world of War of Nations.

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